Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much are lessons?

Lessons start at $30.00 per half-hour, with rates varying between instructors and their experience and education levels. We also offer a Family Discount off all lessons for families with multiple students taking lessons, a Military, Law Enforcement, and First Responders Discount, and some instructors also offer a significantly discounted Group Lesson rate.

2. how can i book a lesson? 

There are several ways to book lessons. You can schedule lessons online on this website by choosing an instructor and submitting our lesson booking form. You can also call (707) 317-7500, or email to set up lessons. 

3. Can i do a trial period? 

We suggest that students try at least one month of lessons before making up their mind to discontinue lessons altogether. It's hard to know if a student will take to an instrument after only a few lessons, especially since it may take some time to get used to certain instruments (e.g. developing calluses for playing guitar).  Please note: the Mission Music Academy's policy is that at least 2 weeks' notice be given for lessons to be discontinued. 

4. how do i pay for lessons?

Like most music lesson academies and music stores, the Mission Music Academy's policy is that each month's lessons are paid for up-front at the first lesson of the calendar month, and we recommend setting up recurring monthly payments through our website. You can find detailed instructions on how to pay for lessons here and can even pay for lessons online herePlease note: the Mission Music Academy's policy is a 10% late fee added weekly after the first week of missed payment.

5. Do you accept Visions in Education Vouchers?

Yes, the Mission Music Academy is a Visions in Education Vendor. You can find us listed here. (Please wait until lessons are confirmed before ordering vouchers.)

6. Can i switch lesson times or instructors?

Yes, we're glad to do anything we can to help you advance your music.  Simply contact us and let us know what you'd like to change.  (707) 317-7500, or

7. Can i rent an instrument? 

Yes, we have acoustic and electric guitars ($20/$25 per month), and small electric keyboards ($15 per month) available for rent on a monthly basis. They all come with a protective case along with a refundable $30 damage deposit. Contact us for more information! 

8. Do we still have lessons on holidays?

Many of our instructors do still teach on some holidays, but the Mission Music Academy is closed for certain major holidays, such as New Year’s Eve/Day, the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Eve/Day. If you’re ever unsure about if your lessons are meeting, feel free to check in with your instructor or contact us. Please note: Students are not responsible to pay for lessons that would fall on a holiday that the Mission Music Academy is closed.

More questions? Check out our information sheet here, or simply click the contact button at the top right!